A 1979 gift card voucher is a wonderful gift. You can choose between different values and twill receive a digital coupon code that can be redeemed for any item of 1979´s collections, either online at www.1-9-7-9.com or at NOW & THEN, Kopernikusstr.21, 10245 Berlin, Germany.


Choose from swimwear, accessories or the Aloha collection.


Upon request 1979 will send out a personalized gift card by mail to you or the recipient directly- please mail us if you wish for this option.


  • The gift card voucher can only be redeemed online at www.1-9-7-9.com or at NOW & THEN Berlin, Kopernikusstrasse 21, 10245 Berlin for any item from 1979´s collections.

    A monetary back-payment is not possible.