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Swimsuit „JEAN“with a long torso is the beautiful and classy longer cut version. The torso is cut 1 inch longer than the regular Jean swimsuit. The design is inspired by the early beach looks of the forties and fifties with a low cut leg.

It has an excellent cut with a comfortable and flattering fit. Especially curvy figures look great in it and there is alsoa slight shaping effect in the stomach and hip area through the hiden double layer of the skirt part, elegantly slimming this area. The belt accentuates the waist and looks best when tied with a simple knot on the side.

Swimsuit JEAN is fully lined both in the front and back and has an adjustable neck strap with fine, but durable gold-covered hooks, ring and slider. These look beautiful together with the classy dark pink fabric of the swimsuit. This swimuit is made of high quality fabrics and notions, both fabrics and notions being certified. Designed in Berlin, it is manufactured a few hours away in the neighboring Poland, providing excellent workmanship.


The long torso cut fits better on figures with a longer torso and also for figures with a bigger bust, because the extra inch can stretch either upwards or into the bust area!



Dieser figurschmeichelnde Badeanzug  "JEAN LONG TORSO ist die im Oberkörper länger geschnittene Variante des Swimsuit Jean und er zählt zu 1979´s elegantesten Klassikern. Außergewöhnlich vorteilhaft geschnitten, hat dieser Swimsuit durch das vordere Röckchen einen sichtbar verschlankenden Effekt in der Hüftgegend.

Gerade für kurvigere Figuren ist er sehr vorteilhaft. Der Gürtel wirkt an der Seite schlicht geknotet am elegantesten. Die goldfarbenen Haken, Ring und Schieber des verstellbaren Halsträgers sind fein, aber sehr stabil und bilden einen schönen Kontrast zu dem edlen dunklen Pinkton des Swimsuits.

Die Long Torso Variante eignet sich für längere Oberkörper und auch größere Oberweiten, da die zusätzlichen Zentimeter sowohl in die Länge wir auch in den Umfang gehen können!


Long Torso swimsuit JEAN black

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    (body circumference)


    XS / 31-33 / 23-25 / 32-35

    S / 32-35 / 25-28 / 34-37

    M / 34-37 / 27-30 / 36-38

    L / 36-38 / 30-32 / 37-39

    XL / 38-40 / 32-35 / 38-41

    XXL / 40-43 / 35-38 / 41-44



    (body circumference)


    Gr. 34 / 79-84 / 59-63/ 82-88

    Gr. 36 / 83-88 / 63-70 / 88-93

    Gr. 38 / 88-93 / 70-76 / 92-97

    Gr. 40 / 93-98 / 76-82 / 96-100

    Gr. 42 / 98-103 / 83-89 / 98-104

    Gr.44 / 103-110 / 90-96 / 104-110

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