Two jackets in one!

Made from original fabric from Honolulu, Hawaii, this side of the jacket has a tropical print of palm leafs in blue, white and black. Not only is the fabric original, but also the special way of using the left side of the fabric. This is how it was done in Honolulu in the 1950s to make print look a bit more subtly and sun-faded.

Both the inside and outside fabric are 100% cotton and the Aloha-side also has two zipper pockets.

High quality ribbing is used for the arm cuffs and around the lower rim of the jacket in a typical bomber-jacket-style. The Aloha jacket collection is always a limited edition that is made once a year. Only an exclusively small number of jackets is made (usually around 12- 24 pieces per print) in total.


If you wear the Aloha print inside and the solid black color outside, you have a totally different jacket with another good looking effect: if you roll up the sleeves a bit, the contrast between the solid fabric color and the print showing on the sleeves has a very interesting look and effect. Even more so if you wear the jacket open, the Aloha print of the zipper fly will also be showing vertically.

Wear some Aloha!

Mens Reversible Aloha jacket